Our Mission

Our mission is the creation of a next level experience for buying and selling property in Greater Cincinnati,
expediting efforts to save you time and make you money; and to become the most valued, trusted,
go-to real estate brokerage in the area.


Your Experience

Bespoke means “MADE TO ORDER”, and this is how we manage client experience.  By thoroughly addressing every detail of your needs against the market, Sparen Realty custom tailors your experience to be extraordinary and memorable. We consolidate data and invest in the facts of our market so heavily that we make the process of buying or selling property appear seamless.  The Sparen Realty team includes a Fortune 10 Business Executive, Urban Property Developers, and Construction Management professionals.  As a family business, we’re not limited by corporate bureaucracy making us faster and more agile to support your needs.  Real estate is our life and we’ve set a high bar.

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Sparen Realty, founded in Covington, KY and serving the Greater Cincinnati area, is a bespoke concierge style realty service to buying and selling properties through market driven data analytics and a deep understanding of clientele needs. We provide realty services for residential, commercial and investment properties as well as acting as a broker for like-kind / 1031 property investments.

We’re built on a foundation of deep real estate knowledge. We set our roots over 10 years ago in historic remodeling and rehabilitation, we’ve since had the privilege of remodeling and preserving over 25 historic homes. Our business grew to preservation and renovation of historic properties into both single family and multi-unit luxury urban apartments.

Our evolution into a bespoke realty firm has been a perfect complement to our business model and has served our clientele well. We offer both a bespoke concierge service as well as a white gloves service to buying and selling properties. Our background in property is the foundation that our clients trust and it’s what differentiates us.

Syndication??? Isn’t that what Al Capone did?

Author:  Kyle Stevie from Northern Kentucky Note:  This is an attempt at a humorous approach to learning syndication that I and many others have taken.  This is for education purposes only.  Any likeness to real life Greek god like men is completely unintentional.  Just because I look like I’m carved from granite doesn’t mean that the story is […]

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