Joseph Stevie



About Joseph Stevie

Joe Stevie is personable, approachable and energetic. A native of Covington, KY, real estate is his entire life, from remodeling and renovation and rental units to realty.

Joe spends as much time with his family as his busy schedule permits.  He trys to travel as much as possible with his wife Andrea as well as his brothers Ben and Will .Joe also enjoys playing basketball and watching football.  He is actively involved in the community.

To discuss your real estate needs please contact Joe any time via email at or his mobile number is 859-991-6331.

Background & Experience

Joe grew up in the suburbs of Taylor Mill, KY and attended Holy Cross High School.

A graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a B.S. in Construction Management, Joe immediately launched his own business focused on real estate.  Initially Joe focused on buying, upgrading and re-selling properties which evolved into purchasing rental properties, improving them and renting them out.  Joe has experience renovating and developing all types of property with deep experience in historic properties.  Joe has partnered with his father and brother on several real estate projects and continues to work with his family in the real estate market.

Joe is the Principal Broker and CEO of Sparen Realty servicing both Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.  Whether it’s buying or selling a home, commercial property or supporting a 1031 like-kind exchange, Joe is incredibly dedicated to his clients.

Joe and his wife Andrea reside in the historical Wallace Woods area of Covington, KY.

Real Estate Background

Joe is an established real estate investor, developer and realtor serving both Northern Kentucky and Ohio. His deep knowledge of real estate and properties gives him an advantage when it comes to his Realty clients.  He has a deep understanding of real estate, its construction and market value and has built a team of agents with similar depth.  This is the differentiator with Sparen Realty.

From navigating school districts to simply providing helpful advice on the best local services in certain neighborhoods, Joe helps his clients navigate through the intricacies of the Cincinnati real estate market.

Joe is also an expert at creating effective marketing strategies to attract the right home buyers.  He has a wealth of tools at his disposal to ensure sellers are positioned to get the most value for their property.