Kyle Stevie


About Kyle Stevie

Kyle grew up in Woodlawn, KY and currently resides in Ft. Thomas, KY. He graduated from Hanover College in 2002 with B.S. in Business Administration and minor in Spanish. He later graduated from Chase College of Law in 2010 and is a member of the Kentucky Bar Association.

Background & Experience

Kyle began his career with Total Quality Logistics as one of the first 100 employees. Over the past fifteen years, he has been responsible for sales of over $71MM. He also has either managed or mentored numerous employees who have gone on to manage sales groups and satellite offices.

Real Estate Background

In 2016, Kyle was bitten by the Real Estate bug and currently owns a duplex, commercial building, and mixed-use building in Covington and Fort Thomas. He joined Joe Fairless’s mentoring network in 2018. With the knowledge that Kyle has gained from his education with Mr. Fairless and his own successes, he is looking forward to fulfilling his professional goal of improving the lives of those who place their trust in him.