Introducing Sparen Realty

Sparen Realty, founded in Covington, KY and serving the Greater Cincinnati area, is a bespoke concierge style service to buying and selling properties through market driven data analytics and a deep understanding of clientele needs. We’re built on a foundation of deep real estate knowledge. We set our roots over 10 years ago in historic remodeling and rehabilitation, we’ve since had the honor of remodeling and preserving over 25 historic homes. Our business grew to preservation and renovation of historic properties into both single family and multi-unit luxury urban apartments. Our evolution into a bespoke realty firm has been a perfect compliment to our business model and has served our clientele well.

What differentiates us is our deep knowledge in all things real estate. It’s our life. We started with remodeling and renovation over 10 years ago and have built from there. We have experience renovating both modern and historic homes. We’ve had the privilege of renovating and preserving several homes from the 19th century, turning some into beautiful single family residential homes and others into luxury urban apartments, keeping the historical heritage intact. Our founder, Joe Stevie, has hands on experience with real estate, he understands properties, their value and economics. We’ve built a real estate portfolio to include rental properties, both single family residential and multi-family apartments. All of the properties, some historic, required substantial renovation which we executed ourselves.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home or investment property our experience puts us in a unique position to help. Having a renovation and rental business means we understand the market dynamics and what it takes to sell, similarly the things to look for when buying. We can support with “market readiness” when you’re looking to sell. Being a small family business gives us the leverage to be fast and adaptable to better serve our clientele. This coupled with our bespoke concierge approach means we offer a completely different value proposition all-together.

We realize there is a growing number of people who don’t see the value in the commission they’re paying their realtor. Our comprehensive hands on services aim to solve that. We offer two tiers of service, regardless of tier, the service is exceptional! Ask about our Bespoke Concierge Service and our White Gloves Service today.

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