Why Choosing the Right Realtor is So Important!

Time is the only resource you can never get back. While its common sense we usually don’t give it much thought. To our shock, we often read the articles about the total amount of time we spend watching TV in our life. Time is the most valuable asset we have. It’s this thought that is the building block of our firm and it’s one reason why it’s so important to choose the right agent when buying or selling a house or investment property. In the age of efficiency there’s so much focus on cost cutting and simplification, often at the expense of quality. Many customers look to save money by selecting a low cost brokerage or even attempting to sell themselves. While this can sometimes be successful, it’s not the norm and can often result in unintended consequences. Choosing the right agent is critical to getting the value you deserve and so many people are being under-served it’s driving the above behavior. If you select the right agent, you’ll save time, money and the results will make you feel good about the process.

There’s several things that top agents bring to the table.

One, efficiency and convenience. Stellar agents are going to spend time searching for homes that meet your criteria so you don’t have to. They won’t waste your time sending you lists of 100 homes to shuffle through. They get the appointments, schedule viewings and do deep research on the local market. Similarly, when you’re selling your home they do the market economics and build a marketing plan to ensure you get the most out of it. They should be making recommendations on select home improvements to help you move your house faster. All of this is to save you time and money.

Two, negotiation. This isn’t as easy as it looks. You’re not buying a car. Having an agent that understands real estate is critical to you getting the best deal. An agent also acts as a filter to keep opinions and egos out of the equation.

Three, contractual support. These are long, tedious books of legal requirements that agents deal with daily. Their job is to ensure you’re safe.

Four, tools. Top realty firms have outstanding tools at their disposal to support marketing your property or researching the economics behind pricing. A lot goes into getting the right price when buying or selling a home. Having an agent with local experience and knowledge is obviously important for this reason.

When you’re looking to select an agent you need to ask yourself a number of questions; what are their credentials and specialty? In this case, does the brokerage have a deep understanding of property? What do they specialize in, are they part of a larger conglomerate that has a focus outside of real estate? Do they have any differentiators that set them apart? You also need to select an agent that understands your area and check out their marketing practices. How are they going to get your property sold? Is their presentation and representation in line with someone you want representing your property? Lastly, what do their other clients say? Are people happy?

The right realtor can add exceptional value to buying or selling a property, some can even act as investment consultants. The wrong realtor can complicate the process and at worse, cost you time and money. Do your research.

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