John Stevie



About John Stevie John Stevie is personable and experienced. A native of Park Hills, KY, John is the founder of the family rental property business. John enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family, including his wife, three sons and their wives as well as his grand-daughter.  Whether fishing, hunting or hiking, John loves being outdoors. Background & Experience John grew up in the suburbs of Park Hills, KY and attended Covington Catholic High School. John is a graduate of both Xavier University with a degree in English Literature as well as the University of Cincinnati with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  John has significant engineering experience and holds the title to multiple patents. John purchased the first family rental property and has since partnered with his sons to purchase and develop several more properties in the historic district of Covington, KY. John acts as a strategic consultant, investor and general manager of the family real estate business and resides in Taylor Mill, KY with his wife. Real Estate Background John is the founder of the family rental property business. He has deep, hands on experience with purchasing dilapidated properties and restoring them to their original beauty of tenants to enjoy.  John brings over a decade of experience in real estate and rental property development.