Selling a Home

Why Sparen? Bespoke means “Made To Order” and that’s the service you’ll get. We provide a comprehensive plan that includes market driven data analytics and a detailed marketing plan catered to your needs. Our deep understanding of real estate gives us an added advantage to getting your property sold.

Assessing your Criteria for a Home

Buying a property is a major decision so understanding your criteria is a critical part of the journey. Sparen Realty offers a team of individuals with unique real estate and economic experience to support you in every aspect. Check out our 8 steps to Buying a Property as well as some of the key variables to keep in mind during the process.

Our Process to Selling a Property


Buying a home is a major investment so it’s important that you’re all in before taking the next step and contact a realtor.


We want to be your partner in this journey, call us and let’s make it official. We’ll schedule a sit down to go through a detailed proprietary questionnaire, helping us understand who you are and what you’re looking for. It’s this Q&A that is the basis for our tailored approach.


Take time to understand your budget. Lenders generally recommend homes that cost no more than three to five times their annual household income if the home buyers plan to make a 20% down payment and have a moderate amount of other debt, but this is based on your own financial situation. Getting a mortgage?


A contributing factor to all other considerations. How big is your family – home size? Do you have pets – yard required? Are outdoor activities, sports important – proximity? Do you entertain a lot? We provide a concierge style service to ensuring your needs are met.

Home Criteria

How many total sq. ft. do you want? Bedrooms? Bathrooms? Big yard or small? What is your garage preference? Tall ceilings? We understand home construction and can renovate.


Location is a critical consideration. What part of town, urban or suburban? What proximity to work, entertainment and shopping is ideal? How important are school districts? We know the Greater Cincinnati community well.


Neighborhood understanding is vital, are you open to paying a Home Owners Association fee? Do you prefer urban living in a high rise with shared facilities or a home with yard? School district considerations? Security and crime considerations?

Unseen costs

Awareness of Unseen Costs is important. Tax considerations? Are you open to HOA and/or maintenance fee costs? Will the home require any renovations and is that within your budget?

Right Agent

Having the right Agent is essential to success. Sparen Realty agents have a deep understanding of the Greater Cincinnati community and all things real estate. You’ll see the difference immediately.

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