Syndication??? Isn’t that what Al Capone did?

Author:  Kyle Stevie from Northern Kentucky Note:  This is an attempt at a humorous approach to learning syndication that I and many others have taken.  This is for education purposes only.  Any likeness to real life Greek god like men is completely unintentional.  Just because I look like I’m carved from granite doesn’t mean that the story is […]

The roof is caved in at the back of 320 Pershing Ave. in Covington, one of the two homes that owner Joe Stevie would still like to tear down and replace with condos.

The Importance of Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is a critical part of maintaining the DNA of a community and city.  The maintenance, upkeep and restoration of historic properties is not easy, but it’s one of the most important and redeeming parts of being a property owner.  What would Harlem be without the brownstones?  San Francisco without it’s intricate Victorian?  Or, […]

How Determination, Innovation, Partnership and sheer Grit saved the oldest historic real estate development in the United States

Mark Peterson/Redux How Cincinnati Salvaged the Nation’s Most Dangerous Neighborhood Leaning on the power of local corporations, officials engineered a renaissance in the city’s heart. By COLIN WOODARD June 16, 2016 ABOUT THIS SERIES A reported series from Politico Magazine, featuring innovative ideas from cities across the United States at a time of unprecedented urban reinvention. […]


Are Smart Homes the future?

Between you, your friends and family, at least someone you know has a smart home device in their house.  Is this the future?  Aside from Google’s $3.2M investment into purchasing Nest, a host of builders, developers and software architects also seem to think so. The evolution of the home is inevitable; however, below is one […]


What sets Sparen Realty apart? Remember the question your third-grade teacher used to ask… Sally, what do you want to be when you grow up? Gary, what do you want to be when you grow up? Janie, what do you want to be when you grow up? I’m not sure how Sally, Gary, or Janie responded—probably astronaut, lawyer, and […]


Introducing Sparen Realty

Sparen Realty, founded in Covington, KY and serving the Greater Cincinnati area, is a bespoke concierge style service to buying and selling properties through market driven data analytics and a deep understanding of clientele needs. We’re built on a foundation of deep real estate knowledge. We set our roots over 10 years ago in historic […]