Nick Nienaber



About Nick Nienaber

Nick Nienaber is friendly, open, focused individual.  A native of Cincinnati, OH and resident of Edgewood, KY, Nick is a Manager in the Sparen family of businesses.

Nick enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family and friends and likes playing basketball, baseball as well as spending time outdoors.

Background & Experience

Nick was born in Cincinnati, OH but grew up in Edgewood, KY attending Holy Cross High School.

Nick attended Northern Kentucky University and has been involved with the Sparen real estate business for the last 5 years.  Nick is a manager on the team and oversees construction, rehabilitation and remodeling of both Sparen’s rental property portfolio as well as client’s properties.

Real Estate Background

Nick has hands on experience from beginning to end on renovations and remodels.  He oversees a team for the CEO, Joe and ensures quality and schedule are met.  Nick has swung a hammer so he knows what it takes to change a property.  Nick’s hands on real estate experience differentiates him from others in the fact that he knows properties down to the bones.  Good from bad.  He can make recommendations others may not be able to because he knows what he’s looking for.