Selling a Home

Selling a Home

Why Sparen? Bespoke means “Made To Order” and that’s the service you’ll get. We provide a comprehensive plan that includes market driven data analytics and a detailed marketing plan catered to your needs. Our deep understanding of real estate gives us an added advantage to getting your property sold.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Selling your property can be a stressful and emotional time but it doesn’t have to be. Sparen provides a bespoke concierge style experience to take away the stress, let us deal with that. We’ll be with you from beginning to end providing you with exceptional service. What differentiates us is our deep knowledge in all things real estate and the Cincinnati market. It’s our life. Check out our 8 Step Process to Selling a Property as well as some of the key variables to keep in mind during the process.

Our Process To Selling A Property

1. Planning

It’s important to calculate the costs involved in selling your property as this is an element of determining selling price.  Costs can include things like commissions, taxes, inspection reports and sometimes warranties.  We’ll help guide you through this as it’s one part of the puzzle in selling your property.

2. Hiring

We want to be your partner in this journey, call us and let’s make it official.  We’ll sit down with you and go through a detailed proprietary questionnaire to understand your goals and objectives.  It’s this Q&A that is the basis for our tailored approach to getting your property sold.

3. Pricing

We provide a comprehensive approach based on market driven data analytics.  Market facts and economics drive price, we invest heavily in the facts of our market to ensure we set the right price. This is an important initial step because the price we seek dictates further decisions on how to shape up and market the property prior to listing. We’ll walk you through it in depth.

4. Preparation

This is where we differentiate ourselves.  We assess your properties condition and provide a lite home inspection so we’re ahead of anything the buyers are asking for. We’ll put together a holistic list of recommendations that we believe are merited towards facilitating both price and speed of sale. Then we get the property in shape.  We live the market daily with rentals, rehabs and realty; and our proprietary process makes a major difference.

5. Staging

First impressions are everything!  Time for action – we support you with implementing the recommendations we make to prep the property.

6. Marketing

We create a tailored marketing plan specific to your property. We have the experience and resources to make a difference.  HD pictures, drone footage, digital expertise and a website with organic SEO are just a few of the tools we have available.  You’re in good hands.

7. Listing

Your property hits the market.

8. Celebrating

We’ll toast your sale as the ink dry’s in our office on the day of closing!


The Market is the single biggest factor influencing the strategy for selling.  Is it a buyers or sellers market or even?  How are interest rates and what are recent homes sales?  Understanding the market helps with deciding home value, timing and other important factors.


Set the Price right from the start.  Once you understand your market you can start to determine the price. An unrealistically high price keeps buyers away. Reducing it 30 days after list can also end up in getting less than you could.  We analyze the data and provide you with real economics.


Understanding your Home Condition is important. Does it have curb appeal?  Modern and updated? Are there improvements you can make to drive a higher price and ROI as well as move it faster?  We have deep experience in all things real estate,  we can help, we live it.


Excellent Marketing is essential.

We have the experience and resources to make a difference.  HD pictures, drone footage, digital expertise and a website with organic SEO are just a few of the tools we have available.  You’re in good hands.


Organization and Staging is important.

It’s important to clean, declutter and depersonalize.  You want the prospective buyer to imagine it as their home.  Staging the house can also be an added benefit.  For rooms without an obvious role, give them one with staging.  We can help.


Having the right Agent is essential to success.  Sparen Realty agents have a deep understanding of the Greater Cincinnati community and all things real estate.  You’ll see the difference immediately.